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Spanning a total area of 650,000 hectares, the transboundary complex of binational BSB Yamoussa includes the Bouba Ndjida National Park (BNNP, 220,000 hectares) in Cameroon, and the Sena Oura National Park (SONP, 73,500 hectares) in Chad, over their respective peripheral zones that to say: 5 hunting areas around BNNP, one transition zone and one peripheral zone around the SONP. The initiative to support the management and protection of the transboundary complex of the protected areas BSB Yamoussa and its peripheral areas was taken following the events of large transboundary poaching occurred in 2012 in the Bouba Ndjida national park. Since then, several activities took place in both parks to improve the situation.

Conservation Challenges

Conservation Approach


The project objective is to improve the protection of protected areas BSB Yamoussa and help stabilize its ecosystem and it periphery in the short term, the formulation of a long-term vision and the draw early benefits of better utilization of the two national parks and its periphery by local residents.