WCS Cameroon

Welcome to WCS Cameroon

Housed in Cameroon since 1988 and working there for more than 25 years, WCS-Cameroon has been the government's principle conservation partner, assisting the Ministry of Forestry and Wildlife (MINFOF) in managing wildlife and its habitat in national parks, and reserves.

Conservation Approach

-Create National Parks specifically large mammals.

-Support laws enforcement operations by building infrastructure, supplying equipment, training and managing ecoguards… Implement conservation education and awareness through development of targeted conservation education programs.

-Organise regular monitoring of human impact in protected areas.

-Promote economic alternatives to hunting and land-extensive agriculture.

-Implement co-management and other arrangements with extractive industries and build a strong constituency for conservation among stakeholders.


-WCS supported the government in its creation of protected areas including national parks.

-WCS is working to reduce the threat of  bushmeat hunting by supporting biological and socio-economic surveys assistance with the implementation of effective law enforcement programs, education, sensitization; support to livelihood initiatives...

-WCS also advises the government on setting priorities for conservation, planning, and the sustainable use of natural resources.


-By 2006, WCS produced a first management plan of Mbam Djerem National Park.

-By 2008, WCS helped Cameroon create Takamanda National Park, and Kagwene Sanctuary, which safeguards important population of chimpanzee.

-By 2010, the government of Cameroon has declared Deng Deng National Park.

-WCS researchers provided crucial baseline data for chimpanzee in the areas of Mbam Djerem, Takamanda, Deng Deng National Parks and Kagwene Sanctuary.

-WCS established sound management across the protected areas, park infrastructure, and a strong ranger force, as well as a sustainable funding mechanism to support long-term operations.

-In partnership with the Cameroon Ministry of Forestry and Garoua Wildlife School, WCS plays a critical role in training ecoguards and leading education programs to ensure enforcement of regulations.

-WCS provided the government with field station and post guards in the areas of Mbam Djerem and Deng Deng National Parks.